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Salesflo Core

An award-winning end-to-end Sales and Distribution management system that helps fuel your business growth and boost Salesforce efficiency by automating the entire Business Value Chain.

Salesflo Sight

Business Intelligence Mobile Application that helps you condense rich data into actionable insights to make informed decisions. 

Salesflo Engage

Automate business processes/workflows to track your field operations and collect data to derive actionable insights with our best-in-class Workflow Management Tool.

Salesflo Pulse

Salesflo Pulse is a dynamic web-driven Business Intelligence solution, facilitating the seamless integration, in-depth analysis, engaging visualization, and effortless sharing of vital data. 

Salesflo Core

Automate value chain and drive salesforce effectiveness by fueling business growth with an end-to-end Distribution Management System.

Salesflo Sight

Business intelligence tools that help you develop data-driven strategies with customizable reports and dashboards to keep a track of business KPIs.

Salesflo Engage

Automate business processes/workflows to track your field operations and collect data to derive actionable insights with our Workflow Management Tool.

Salesflo Pulse

Create customized reports, generate insightful dashboards and unlock the power of data on demand, with real-time insights to drive impactful decisions with our next generation reporting and analytics tool.

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Order to Cash Cycle

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100% Cloud Based

Driving Analytics
with Real-Time Data

World Class Mapping
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Integrated Solution

Automated Order To Cash Cycle

Increased Visibility & Tracking

100% Cloud Based Infrastructure

Driving Analytics With Real-Time Data

World Class Mapping & Route Optimization Tools

Fully Integrable Solution

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Hear our Client’s Success Stories

Ali Khan
Ali KhanDirector Sales
Friesland Campina Engro Pakistan
Read More
Salesflo has revolutionized Presell system in the dairy industry of Pakistan. Its an excellent platform for managing leads and tracking daily sales KPIs. Its user-friendly interface, customized features are tailor made for enhancing productivity via real time analytics, automation tools and exceptional customer service.
Zain ul Abedin
Zain ul AbedinManager National Sales Operations
Read More
Salesflo's advanced tracking and analytics capabilities have revolutionized the way we approach sales. The platform seamlessly captures and centralizes data from various touchpoints along our sales journey. This real-time data aggregation has empowered our teams with a 360-degree view of our leads, prospects, and customers. No longer do we operate in the dark; Salesflo's intuitive dashboards provide us with a clear picture of our sales performance at any given moment.
Maria Silat
Maria SilatOperations Excellence Manager-Mobility
Shell Pakistan limited
Read More
Salesflo Engage is playing a crucial role in drive operations excellence on our forecourts across Pakistan. It’s user-friendly interface and powerful analytics makes it a very effective solution for us.
Nadir Wasim
Nadir WasimCountry Manager Pakistan & Afghanistan
Beiersdorf Pakistan (Nivea)
Read More
Salesflo has played a pivotal role in transforming and enhancing our operations. Our partnership with Salesflo has brought about a multitude of benefits, allowing us to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.
Naazer Minhaj
Naazer MinhajGeneral Manager
Read More
In the future, every front-end sales team member in our organization of 20,000 people, is got to be using the Salesflo Engage CRM in one way or the other.
Umair Shabbir
Umair ShabbirHead of Information & Digital Technology
Hilal Foods
Read More
Salesflo offers a user-friendly interface that our team quickly adopted. It's not only easy to use but also incredibly powerful. The real-time data insights and analytics have given us an edge in the competitive market, allowing us to make data-driven decisions that have significantly improved our sales performance.
Syed Zubair H Shah
Syed Zubair H ShahHead Of MIS
National Foods Ltd.
Read More
Salesflo has truly been a game-changer for our organization. It significantly impacts on our sales and distribution operations. The user-friendly interface has made the transition to this platform seamless for our Sales team, ensuring that everyone can use it effectively.
Faisal Sheikh
Faisal SheikhGM Commercial
Fine Daily
Read More
Salesflo has redefined our approach to monitoring secondary sales, providing real-time insights and analytics that empower us to take immediate, impactful actions.
Salman Iqbal
Salman IqbalRoute to Market Manager
Fauji Foods
Read More
"Digital Transformation is not just about Technology, it’s about People."
Salesflo Sight has assisted FFL Sale Leads in promoting excellence in business operations, receiving market pulse readily, assessing the performance of strategic accounts, developing commercial relationships with clients and maximizing prospects through wise decision making.
Raza Haider
Raza HaiderAM Sales Operations
Fauji Fresh and Freeze
Read More
Salesflo provides increased visibility, tracking of sales, better controls and helps in driving overall operational efficiencies.
Ishaq Chughtai
Ishaq ChughtaiHead of IT & Digital
Mitchell's Fruit Farms
Read More
Salesflo is the ultimate game-changer for distribution processes. Their platform combines state-of-the-art technology and data intelligence to achieve efficiency and excellence. Their support is reliable and responsive. Salesflo is an innovative and transformative solution for our business.
Saim Choudhry
Saim ChoudhryCEO
Volka Foods International
Read More
Salesflo has truly been a game-changer, opening doors to a world of data-driven insights that offer us unparalleled visibility into the health of our business. As a valued partner, Salesflo has empowered and elevated the capabilities of our field force team, enabling them to harness the full potential of our business knowledge while significantly reducing operational redundancy. Together, we are on a path to greater success and efficiency.
Syed Abdul Jalil
Syed Abdul JalilTrade Marketing & Modern Trade Manager
Dabur International
Read More
Salesflo has truly transformed our business operations. With its powerful analytics, we've gained invaluable insights for data-driven decision-making, and our sales pipeline visibility has never been better. The platform's intuitive interface and automation have significantly improved efficiency and accuracy, ensuring smoother order processing. Moreover, Salesflo seamlessly integrates with our existing systems, creating a unified ecosystem that enhances our cross-functional collaboration.
Muhammad Ibrahim Shaikh
Muhammad Ibrahim ShaikhAM MIS and Operations
Mehran Spices & Food industries
Read More
Salesflo has been a game-changer for our business. Its robust features have significantly increased our visibility into sales data, streamlined our operations, and automated the order-to-cash cycle. We highly recommend Salesflo to any organization seeking a comprehensive sales solution.
Syed Shoaib Bilal
Syed Shoaib BilalNational Sales Operation Manager
Hamdard Pakistan
Read More
In order to strengthen Hamdard Field Force capabilities, Salesflo’s solutions have enabled us to maximize our workflow visibility and generate insights leading to reduced system blockages. Using the Salesflo software has revolutionized our business model with smoother function, the value chain and decreased processing time.

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