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EBM Partners with Salesflo

Sales and Distribution software

EBM partners with Salesflo to further strengthen its digital capability. EBM being one of the most widely distributed product companies in Pakistan will further build on this success by capitalising on technology to drive sales force effectiveness through gamification, unparalleled AI/ML enabled recommendations and advanced business intelligence to make actionable insights more readily available to decision makers.

Case Study: Empowering EBM’s Digital Transformation with AWS and Salesflo

EBM, one of the most widely distributed consumer goods companies in Pakistan was looking for ways to further strengthen its digital capability and drive sales force effectiveness.

Some challenges faced by EBM include:

  1. Digital Capability Gap: EBM recognized the urgent need to transform its traditional sales and distribution recording to meet the evolving demands of a digital-savvy market.
  2. Data Overload: With vast amounts of sales and distribution data pouring in, they grappled with the complexity of managing, storing, and extracting actionable insights from this information.
  3. Lack of Real-time Insights: Decision-makers were often left in the dark, lacking the timely, data-driven insights needed to steer the company’s growth.

Leveraging AWS:

EBM sought the services of Salesflo, an AWS Partner, to leverage the power of AWS cloud services and embark on a digital transformation journey.

  1. Cloud-Powered Infrastructure: Salesflo harnessed the strength of AWS, offering applications such as Salesflo Core and Salesflo Pulse on a robust cloud infrastructure. This move ensured scalability, high availability, and security for EBM’s digital capabilities.
  2. Data Lake: AWS provided the solid foundation for EBM’s data lake on Amazon S3, serving as the cornerstone for storing and processing colossal volumes of sales and distribution data.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: With Salesflo’s products integrated with AWS’s powerful data analytics services, EBM’s sales force gained access to actionable insights, transforming decision-making and propelling growth.

The collaboration between EBM, Salesflo, and AWS yielded transformative outcomes. EBM’s sales force experienced a remarkable improvements through Salesflo’s ecosystem, resulting in substantial sales growth. AWS’s data lake capabilities streamlined data management, enhancing operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making. Real-time insights empowered EBM’s decision-makers, fostering agility and informed choices. AWS’s cloud scalability ensured adaptability to evolving business needs and optimizing costs. Ultimately, EBM’s digital transformation, driven by AWS and Salesflo, positioned the company as a dominant leader in Pakistan’s consumer goods industry, showcasing its pioneering role in technology-driven sales and distribution.