Salesflo wins AIML Reactor Competition! – Salesflo

Salesflo wins AIML Reactor Competition!

Salesflo wins AIML Competition against 25 startups by digitizing the retail merchandising experience

Salesflo develops Image Recognition technology to automate Retail Merchandising that has secured 1st position in the AI/ML Reactor competition curated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Epiphany.

The team accredited for the crucial part of success includes: Yasir Suleman Memon, Hasan Zafar, Ali Shujjat, Mohammad Saqlain, Saad Abdul Rauf and Ali Akbar.
We successfully competed against 25+ start-ups by pitching in the concept of Salesflo AirStrike; retail merchandising automation through image recognition.

With Salesflo AirStrike we come up with apt solutions and enable smarter ways of working by simply identifying every SKU present in the pictures with 95%+ accuracy and by simultaneously saving 70% of the time as manual counting is no longer required.

Kudos to the team! Let’s keep inspiring, building and innovating.