Our Expertise

Value Chain Automation

Salesflo provides Value Chain Automation, encompassing key components such as Field Force Management, Inventory Management, and ERP Integration. The integration of Field Force Management facilitates effective supervision and coordination of field activities, while Inventory Management ensures optimal control over stock levels. Additionally, seamless ERP Integration further enhances organizational efficiency by linking different business functions for a more synchronized and cohesive workflow.

Business Applications

Salesflo offers Business Applications for Distribution Management System, Trade Marketing Tools, Business Intelligence, Retail Solutions, and CRM, enhancing overall business effectiveness. The Distribution Management System ensures efficient control, Trade Marketing Tools provide strategic support, Business Intelligence offers valuable insights, Retail Solutions cater to retail needs, and CRM fosters strong customer relationships. Together, these applications form a comprehensive suite to optimize business management.

Data Warehousing & Data Lake

Salesflo provides comprehensive Data Warehousing and Data Lake solutions, including Data Processing & Migration, Analytics, Storage & Management, Big Data, and AI/ML. These components address diverse aspects of data management, offering efficient processing, insightful analytics, robust storage, and advanced AI/ML integration. This holistic approach caters to businesses’ evolving needs for effective data utilization.

Strategic Alliance with AWS

Salesflo’s Strategic Alliance with AWS encompasses Cloud Migration, Cloud Optimization, and Consulting Services. This offering ensures a robust foundation, facilitates seamless transitions to the cloud, enhances operational efficiency, and provides expert guidance for businesses to fully leverage cloud technologies.

Salesflo’s Strategic Alliance with AWS

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner in Pakistan, Salesflo is committed to delivering secure, high-performing, and efficient infrastructure across our business units and multiple touchpoints. Our cloud-based infrastructure prioritizes data privacy and security while enabling rapid scalability and easy access to real-time data insights. We leverage AWS’s advanced technology and expertise to provide exceptional service to our customers. As an Advanced Tier AWS Consulting partner, we excel in developing and deploying database and application migrations, data lakes and analytics, and application and data modernization/development that help our customers achieve operational efficiency.

Transforming Field-Force Operations
Using Event-Driven Architecture

We are AWS Experts

AWS Services and Offerings

Migration to the AWS Cloud

  • Plan and execute seamless migration to AWS from on-premises or other cloud platforms.
  • Minimize downtime and disruptions during the migration process.
  • Handle data migration, application migration, and rehosting efforts.
  • Cloud Native Application Development

  • We help you adapt your Applications and Data to native AWS solutions.
  • Transform different workloads e.g., .NET or Java applications to native AWS technologies including containers, serverless, micro-services.
  • Migrate databases to AWS Managed Databases e.g. Aurora, Redshift, DynamoDB.
  • Data and Application Modernization

  • Build new applications and extract improved business value from the data workloads.
  • Combine internal and external data workloads, including structured and unstructured data.
  • Use technologies e.g. ML/AI and voice enabled BI/Analytics to gain new insights and competitive advantage.
  • Data and

  • Implement AWS services for data storage, analysis, and visualization.
  • Develop data pipelines and analytics solutions.
  • Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence for data insights.
  • Cost

  • Analyze AWS cost and usage to identify areas for cost savings.
  • Implement cost-effective strategies to reduce operational expenses.
  • Continuously monitor and optimize AWS spending.
  • Performance Optimization

  • Implement real-time monitoring solutions and enhance system efficiency.
  • Intelligent load balancing strategies to distribute workloads.
  • Develop robust strategies to seamlessly scale resources in response to evolving demands.
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