Salesflo Core

An award-winning end-to-end Sales and Distribution management system that helps fuel your business growth and boost Salesforce efficiency by automating the entire Business Value Chain.

Take Charge of Your Business,
Gain Visibility, Identify Opportunities
and Drive Sustainable Growth

Field Force Optimization
Maximize field force potential with tracking KPIs targets, and automated order to cash cycle. Optimize performance, drive productivity and streamline operations for success.
Business Value Chain Automation​
Automate order-to-cash cycle. Enhance stock visibility end-to-end distribution management across the value chain.
Inventory Management
Effortlessly track stock, monitor inventory, and manage asset placements across your organization for streamlined operations. Ensure seamless stock movements, gain visibility into inventory reports and optimize asset management.
Fully Integrated System​
The Salesflo Ecosystem Connects ERP solutions, B2B Apps, E-commerce platforms, Sales forces, Merchandising forces, and other field forces, consolidating the entire landscape and generating LIVE insights by aggregating data across multiple sources​.

Field Force Optimization

Business Value Chain Automation​

Inventory Management

Fully Integrated System​

Integrate Primary and Secondary Orders Seamlessly

Salesflo Core seamlessly harmonizes primary and secondary orders for Distributors, integrating flawlessly with principal ERP solutions. Distributors digitally input orders, aligning with credit limits, while gaining real-time visibility into dispatches, invoice values, and order details. Experience the pinnacle of order processing automation, revolutionizing B2B efficiency.

Elevate Distribution Precision with Visual Store Mapping

Revolutionize RTM planning with Salesflo’s Visual Store Universe Mapping. Geo-tagging and robust approval streamline store additions. Users strategize on maps, saving stores by channels. Identify low-density areas and generate SKU-level heat maps. Our RTM/PJP module simplifies field force planning with a smart polygon tool. Direct Google Maps integration enhances navigation. Elevate distribution management with precision and convenience.

Revolutionize Order Booking with Seamless Mobility Application

Revolutionize order booking with Salesflo Core’s Mobility App, elevating Salesforce productivity for superior business sales. The app optimizes the entire process, guiding Order Bookers through visit lists and managing trade promotions seamlessly. It empowers field teams with vital store information, ensuring optimized orders, and integrated insights for unparalleled trade excellence. Elevate your business growth with Salesflo’s integrated solutions.

Secondary Ordering Process

Salesflo’s web portal & mobile application work together to enable order bookers to place secondary orders in coordination with distributors who can then process and dispatch these orders. Order quantities can easily be allocated from the web portal and tracked by clients.

Navigate Success with Comprehensive Financial Tools

Empower your business with Salesflo Core’s robust financial module, providing real-time visibility into transactions, invoices, and sales values. Track accounts payables and receivables effortlessly, ensuring P&L accuracy and generating business ROIs. Set parameters for credit limits and budget constraints, tailoring strategies for diverse sales channels. Elevate your business management with precision and flexibility, steering towards new heights of success. Choose excellence, empower strategic decisions, and elevate your business today!

Drive Results with a Robust Promotion Engine

Elevate promotions with Salesflo Core! Craft unique, multi-tier, multi-channel promotions for dynamic retail. Set discounts, control budgets, and tailor strategies based on channels and regions. The Promotion Engine ensures detailed tracking and analysis, empowering your business with unparalleled control and optimal results. Propel your business forward today!

Experience the Easiest Way to Build an RTM Strategy​ ​

Revolutionize your field force management with Salesflo’s RTM Strategy Module. Overcoming challenges like inaccurate outlet representation and overlapping assignments, this cutting-edge tool streamlines the manual RTM creation process. Benefit from advanced outlet tagging, a user-friendly route creation tool, and precise assignment of field force representatives. Boost visibility, eliminate errors, and effortlessly devise channel-specific RTM strategies, ensuring every outlet has a service plan. Empower your business with Salesflo’s transformative solution for efficient and error-free field force management.

Refine Your Pricing Strategy - Define Prices Based on SKUs or Batches

Salesflo Core caters to diverse industry pricing needs by offering the flexibility to define prices based on SKUs or batches. Users can seamlessly switch between SKU-wise and batch-wise pricing, ensuring consistency or accommodating variations based on industry standards. This comprehensive approach, ideal for FMCG and Pharma sectors, maintains transparency and traceability throughout the value chain, providing detailed insights at the batch level.

Simplify the Claims Process with Claim Automation

Revolutionize claims management with Salesflo Core’s Claims Automation module. Streamline approval processes with custom hierarchies, ensuring compliance and meticulous documentation. Experience efficiency as processing time shrinks from 30 days to minutes, eliminating paperwork. Embrace agility, transparency, and hassle-free claim management for business success.

BI & Report

Salesflo’s Reports feature empowers your business functions with a comprehensive range of over 50 static reports. With Salesflo Core, you can effortlessly retrieve reports spanning extended time periods, providing instant access to crucial insights. Controlled access ensures that specific roles can retrieve relevant reports with ease. Extracting cloud-based reports is as simple as clicking a button, facilitating seamless access to vital information. Our diverse report collection includes Sales, Financials, Ordering Invoicing, Batchwise Inventory, Visit Efficacy, Sales Health, Sales Efficiency, and Promotion Incentives. Moreover, Salesflo’s BI module offers the flexibility to create and deliver customized reports tailored to your specific requirements. Harness the power of data-driven decision-making with Salesflo’s robust BI and Reports module, driving your business forward.

Primary Ordering

The module allows the distributor to place an order with the manufacturer on our website portal. Additionally, when an order is dispatched by the manufacturer, the distributor uses Salesflo to receive the primary order.

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Secondary Ordering Process

Salesflo’s web portal & mobile application work together to enable order bookers to place secondary orders in coordination with distributors who can then process and dispatch these orders. Order quantities can easily be allocated from the web portal and tracked by clients.

Credit Management

Salesflo Core accommodates the trade and transfer of goods via a credit system. To accommodate this, our comprehensive credit management system allows clients to set different types of credit limits on retailers

Trade Offers & Retail Discounts

Different types of company promotions, discounts, free of cost stock and trade offer criteria can be set  and created on Salesflo’s web portal. These will be automatically applied and deducted once the order criteria is met.

PJP Management

Salesflo’s Permanent Journey Planning module module allows managers to create a journey plan for their field agents on a virtual map and ensure all field resources are being fully utilized in the most optimal manner possible.

Dynamic Pricing

In cases where stock for the same products might be available at multiple different prices, our system automatically allocates stock at different prices, based on availability

Primary Ordering

The module allows the distributor to place an order with the manufacturer on our website portal. Additionally, when an order is dispatched by the manufacturer, the distributor uses Salesflo for receiving the primary order. 

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