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Salesflo Core has managed to revolutionize the retail management environment by combining advanced analytics and expert services to deliver an unparalleled performance improvement solution.

With the establishment of Salesflo Core as a centralized model, the real magic of integration has taken hold of distribution management and supply chain cycle through improved sales orders and accelerated sales.


Promotion & Claim Automation
Salesforce Effectiveness

Live data analytics, improved visibility and retail insights, help Salesflo boost client’s productivity and effectiveness in the field helping focus on activities that really matter.

Salesforce Effectiveness
Promotion & Claims Automation

Salesflo provides flexibility to run any type of trade promotion in the ecosystem. The associated claims are automated with checks and balances in place.
The client gets full control of budgeting in promotions and the ability to run multi layered promotions without any hassle.

100% Cloud Powered
100% Cloud-Powered

Salesflo is a 100% cloud-based system, ensuring data security and robustness while allowing the system to effortlessly scale up and down depending on business needs, providing seamless services to the end user.

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Salesflo helps brands and retailers drive revenue through its innovative marketing strategies and digital solutions. There are standards set by Salesflo’s product development team, both, to reformulate existing offerings tailored to clients’ requirements and to guide the development and usage of the software deployed.

Efficient Journey Planning

To thrive in the future, routes for BDOs are planned ahead of their automated journey schedules in order to seize potential opportunities and ensure all assigned stores are serviced. This allows order-bookers to tap more stores and plan their day accordingly whilst improving their daily operations.

On-Demand Analytics for Insight Reports

Customized KPI focused dashboards in accordance with client’s requirements.
Real-time reporting for in-depth data analysis
Reduction on data extraction and reporting enabling clients to spend more time on actionable insights

Promotion & Claim Automation

Salesflo has a centralized module for promotions & claims management (claimable or non-claimable promotions) providing the principle and distributors a transparent process to manage them. Clients can ideate, design and run any sort of trade promotions. The system has the capability to run multiple multi layer promotions based on the clients’ needs.
Salesflo’s claims management module eliminates manual claim documentation and the hassle associated with it, drastically reducing time required to file them while being 100% compliant. Our solution also helps in reducing paper usage/wastage.
Claimable expenses get verified and approved by client’s designated resources following a standardized procedure.

Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking module tracks client’s deployed assets in field, giving visibility for further actions. This helps keep a check on assets through tagging them with retail outlets. It helps generate insights; e.g. increase in sales for outlets with assets, building a knowledge base for clients.

  • End to End asset management
  • ROI calculations for assets and their effectiveness
  • Reducing manual labor
  • Better visibility and tracking
Deliveryman Application & Store Navigation

A separate delivery man application helps track delivery man productivity and progress providing live tracking to client.
With Google GIS integrated into Salesflo ecosystem, clients can track the best possible path to serve RTM and analyze the path taken by its delivery men. This helps optimize costs and ensure better ROI for clients.

Master & Sub Dist. Distribution Module

With MD SD module you have outlet level KPI visibility even for the sub-distributors, making sales forecasting and stock replenishment management far more accurate.

Multi-Tier Advance Pricing

This feature offers you the flexibility to make adjustments to the following:

  • SKU
  • Customer Type
  • Channel Level Pricing

Doing this within the same instance reduces duplication in effort whilst making aggregation and reporting of data much easier.

Batch Code Management

This component grants users central control over distributor’s inventory and helps them ascertain stock visibility of the products sold at outlet level, making traceability and recall exercises a walk in the park.

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Vendor Managed Inventory / VMI / DBRS

Salesflo’s Demand Based Replenishment System (DBRS) suggests primary orders for distributions ensuring consistent supply of products from principle to distributors.
The DBRS processes previous sales trends, current inventory levels, seasonality, set product wise stock norms and current targets to suggest optimized orders that ensure business continuity while maintaining required stock norms.

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