Salesflo Sight

Condense complex data into rich insights to make informed decisions on the go with our best-in-class business intelligence mobile application.

Take Charge of Your Business,
Gain Visibility, Identify Opportunities
and Drive Sustainable Growth

Real-Time Data Insights
Empower decision-makers with real-time sales insights using intuitive interfaces. Leverage geo and product hierarchies for precise performance analysis, driving exponential growth for your business.
Retail Mapping and Analysis
Effortlessly map distribution networks and monitor store performance in real time. Gain market insights, identify opportunities, and expand your store universe with ease.
Store Performance Tracker
Effortlessly monitor store data and performance ratings through the map view, enabling informed decision-making and efficient retail strategy optimization.
Store Visibility Empowerment
Boost store visibility with advanced search and filters for comprehensive insights into business operations. Collect actionable insights at the Order Booker level, enabling targeted actions and improved operational efficiency.

Salesflo streamlines the ordering process, optimizes journey planning, automates claims management, and provides real-time asset tracking. These features help customers reduce manual effort, increase efficiency, and make informed decisions.

Data Insights

Retail Mapping and Analysis

Store Performance Tracker

Store Visibility Empowerment

Store Enhancement Toolkit

Revolutionize store management with Salesflo Sight’s advanced toolkit. Its search and filtering options provide deep insights, simplifying the identification of underperforming stores for continuous improvement. At the Order Booker level, gain actionable insights for precise, targeted actions, optimizing operational processes. Embrace Salesflo Sight as your strategically, making informed decisions swiftly and enhancing overall operational effectiveness. Maximize efficiency and visibility with Salesflo Sight. 

Asset Management
Made Simple

Effortlessly monitor and manage company-owned assets with Salesflo Sight’s dynamic mapping feature, enhancing visibility and real-time health tracking. Streamline documentation and assessment with easy picture capture, ensuring a visual record. Access detailed information for optimized asset utilization. Embrace Salesflo Sight for simplified and peak-performing asset management.

Tailored Market Research

Tailor market research effortlessly with Salesflo Sight, creating personalized forms and surveys for specific needs. Collect invaluable insights by assigning customized surveys to specific stores or locations. Streamline the process by assigning tasks within the platform, facilitating collaboration. Monitor survey history to identify trends, empowering your business with data-driven insights for informed decisions. Gather precise feedback and insights for smarter, data-backed strategies with Salesflo Sight.


Promote continuous improvement with Salesflo Sight’s social platform. Share best practices, success stories, and insights to foster learning. Keep teams aligned by staying updated on actions and developments. Bridge geographical gaps with interactive posts, ensuring collaboration and engagement. Streamline communication, collaboration, and task management for productivity with Salesflo Sight.

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Yes. Salesflo Sight provides a complete view of your store universe along with restricted viewing based on permissions. Not only can you view stores, but you can assign visits to specific stores to Salesflo Sight users and track the progress of these visits.   

Yes, asset tracking is possible using Salesflo Sight. You can view assets against stores and view feedback on those assets.  

We allow custom viewing and editing settings as per client needs. Salesflo Sight also increases employee visibility via its newsfeed feature, allowing employees to share achievements and progress.

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