In the banking industry, adaptability is crucial, especially in agri-banking and farm loans. Salesflo Engage empowers financial institutions to collect vital data from farmers, including productivity, fertilizer usage, and irrigation system efficiency. This invaluable platform equips banks with crucial information, enabling targeted loans to farmers.

Salesflo Engage also strengthens micro-financing services by conducting market surveys and ensuring effective asset deployment tracking. It ensures market visibility and precise tracking of assets, enabling financial institutions to provide comprehensive micro-finance solutions. Embrace innovation with Salesflo Engage for a competitive edge in rural communities.

Consumer Goods

Salesflo’s debut in 2015 revolutionized Pakistan’s Consumer industry. Salesflo has successfully automated the distribution value chain of various consumer goods companies, with the aim of optimizing the flow of our clients’ stocks. It offers features such as asset management, credit management, reporting tools, and many more.

Over the last 8 years, Salesflo has expanded its scope as an all-in-one solution for all our clients. Its comprehensive suite of features streamlines distribution, enhances inventory management, and drives efficiency. Salesflo is committed to enabling success and driving growth in the consumer goods industry.


The pharmaceutical industry faces unique challenges in maintaining product availability and visibility in pharmacies. Salesflo is a trusted ally for pharmaceutical brands, providing effective tracking of medicine availability across multiple stores. Brands leverage Salesflo to ensure their products are accessible to consumers in need.

Salesflo’s share of shelf tracking enables brands to monitor product prominence within pharmacies, while planogram monitoring ensures proper product placement aligned with brand strategies. With these features, pharmaceutical brands enhance their presence, optimize market performance, and contribute to improved healthcare outcomes.


Building on its success in consumer goods, Salesflo expanded its scope to include the distribution of various food items. With a focus on intricate requirements, Salesflo adapted to the specific needs of food products like ice cream, chocolates, and biscuits. Specially designed features, such as cold van storage management, cater to our clients’ unique requirements.

Salesflo understands the complexities of the food industry and provides tailored solutions to meet the demands of our clients, ensuring our ecosystem can handle their specific needs. Trust Salesflo to deliver exceptional solutions for food distribution, enabling clients to meet consumer demands while maintaining product quality and integrity.