How Salesflo Facilitated a Digital Transformation at Friesland Campina

How Salesflo Facilitated a Digital Transformation at Friesland Campina

Unleashing Digital Transformation at Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina, a leading global dairy company, embarked on a transformative journey with Salesflo to reshape its communication and management practices. The company initially relied on in-person meetings as the primary mode of communication and management with their extensive team. However, Salesflo stepped in to revolutionize its approach by democratizing information and taking it from traditional morning meetings to the handheld devices of its salesforce.

Empowering Salesforce with Real-Time Insights

This pivotal shift marked a significant milestone as it empowered Friesland Campina’s salesforce to make intelligent, data-driven decisions on the go. With a salesforce comprising a thousand dedicated individuals, Salesflo introduced a game-changing solution that provided live views of all key performance indicators (KPIs). These encompassed critical metrics such as strike rate, productivity, SKUs per call, daily value targets, and even rankings within the distribution network. This digital transformation not only streamlined communication and management but also equipped the salesforce with real-time insights, transforming them into agile decision-makers. Friesland Campina’s journey with Salesflo exemplifies the power of technology in catalyzing organizational progress and operational excellence.

Revolutionizing Sales Effectiveness: A Journey with Salesflo

Salesflo, the industry-leading technology partner, catalyzed a remarkable transformation in the sales force effectiveness of two prominent FMCG companies. Through a consistent year-on-year progress strategy, Salesflo achieved remarkable results that translated into massive revenue growth for its clients.

Year 1: Enhancing Coverage and Efficiency In the first year of collaboration, Salesflo orchestrated a significant shift by elevating field force physical visits at outlets from 60% to an impressive 90%. This accomplishment was not merely a numbers game; it resulted in an expanded coverage footprint, increased bill sizes, and elevated Lines Per Purchase (LPPC). Salesflo’s strategic intervention redefined the sales landscape by delivering tangible improvements right from the outset.

Year 2: Optimizing In-Field Operations Building on the success of the previous year, Salesflo continued its relentless pursuit of excellence. In the second year, the focus shifted to in-field operations. Here, Salesflo excelled by extending the average in-field time, which ranged from 2.5 to 3 hours. This enhancement marked a substantial improvement, contributing to an impressive +2 hours average time gain over a span of six months. The result was a notable boost in in-market execution, positioning the clients for greater success in a fiercely competitive market.

Year 3: The Introduction of the Work with Module Year three witnessed another milestone with the introduction of Salesflo’s innovative “Work With Module.” This module introduced optimized stock level management, offering clients a dynamic approach to must-have items and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) by SKU options. This strategic move not only streamlined stock management but also provided clients with the agility to respond to market dynamics swiftly.

The journey with Salesflo exemplifies how a relentless commitment to progress, coupled with innovative technology, can revolutionize sales effectiveness and drive substantial revenue growth in the highly competitive FMCG sector.

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