Transforming Mondelez’s Distribution Landscape Implementing Data Visibility with Salesflo

Transforming Mondelez’s Distribution Landscape Implementing Data Visibility with Salesflo

Mondelez: Transforming Distribution with Data Visibility

Mondelez, a global FMCG leader, embarked on a transformative journey in Pakistan’s distribution landscape. Faced with the challenge of limited data visibility beyond the initial distribution level, Mondelez sought a solution to enhance its operations. Collaborating with Salesflo, a field force performance enhancement technology partner, Mondelez introduced the innovative Master Distributor and Sub-Distributor Model (MDSD). This pioneering model added two sub-levels of hierarchy beneath each sub-distribution node, unlocking a wealth of data on product movement, sales, and inventory. The impact was profound—improved data visibility, precise claims calculation, and automation of over 50 sub-distribution nodes, revolutionizing Mondelez’s distribution network and operations in Pakistan.

The Game-Changing Results

 The partnership between Mondelez and Salesflo showcased the power of technology in the FMCG sector. The MDSD model not only amplified data visibility but also streamlined claims calculation, reducing financial discrepancies and strengthening distributor relationships. Automation of sub-distribution nodes optimized operations, enhancing efficiency, and delivering cost savings. This case study exemplifies how data-driven decision-making and innovative technology solutions, like those offered by Salesflo, can empower FMCG companies to excel in a competitive landscape. Mondelez’s journey continues, with the MDSD model and Salesflo’s technologies as integral components, transforming the way the company approaches distribution and data management in Pakistan.

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